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Project Overview

This is a highly customized online classroom that was inspired by the likes of Coursera.com. The main challenge here was differentiating between self-paced classrooms and live classes, and separating the access to both. Farade Education offers both in-person and online classes, thus the capability to join an online stream of a live class had to be incorporated. The site is designed to have dual access – as a student and as a tutor, with multi-currency billing capability. It’s also designed to handle multiple instructors with custom commission rates, and the back end is designed so that course instructors can manage the end-to-end registration, class delivery and billing functions from the site itself.

Students can also access the site as a single classroom with live and recorded sessions, submit assignments online and access course material and quizzes from the site. Overall, farade.com acts as an online version of a live classroom with every feature to make it as interactive as possible. Hosted at AWS, the website is capable to handling thousands of concurrent users without any issues.


  • Intuitively search, filter courses and classes; and purchase.
  • Hold Zoom classes within the platform and secure video embedding to prevent illegal downloading and screegrabing..
  • Multi-currency. Bill in different currencies depending on the location of the student.
  • Handle multiple instructors and commission rates.
  • Support course materials/ documents, forums, assignments, essays, quizzes and certificates within classes and courses.
  • Sell different pricing models for classes and courses. (Free, one time, subscription, bundles, etc.
  • High availability and high performance hosting setup.

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