Sri Lanka Travel Secrets

Promoting personalized tours to Sri Lanka.

Project Overview

Have you ever been to Sri Lanka? It’s a beautiful, magical place filled with hidden treasures to explore. That’s what Dinali from ‘Sri Lanka Travel Secrets’ wants you to experience. Tell the story of this amazing island through curated, personalized tours that help you experience what excites you.

Personalized tour registrations are tricky – and Dinali’s biggest challenge was to attract leads that would convert. We sat down and did a comprehensive analysis of her target audience, mainly by looking at her past customers and future prospects. Based on these insights, I had to build a site that spoke to a premium customer, who looks for a personalized experience. My biggest challenge here was streamlining the process of gathering information from the customer. To curate a personalized experience, you have to gather a lot of information – which a prospective customer might not be too comfortable sharing – or simply might not bother to. During the website development process, I managed to streamline the customer acquisition process and minimize it to a 3-step funnel, which worked great for the site as well the business. I kept things simple and classy – and this really worked! The end result? A 2% increase in the quality of leads generated by the website!


  • Streamline the whole customer acquisition process.
  • Capture leads through a 3-step funnel.
  • Allow leads to easily communicate their travel preferences through a web form.
  • Integrated with a chat solution so the potential customers can get in touch with Dinali easily for instant response.

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