St. Andrew’s Scots Kirk

Helping to bring people closer to God.

Project Overview

The St.Andrews Scots Kirk Church wanted their congregation to stay connected, no matter where they were in the world. They were looking for an online community solution, where everyone could keep up with church events and sermons, and share regular updates. This site was created with the objective of communicating and engaging the audience, with specific UX enhancements that enable the visitor to see essential information from the first click. I also added a comprehensive CRM system to manage updates, including news items and video updates of the sermons. All special sermons are designed to be streamed live on the site, so that anyone, anywhere can access them. The site also acts as a database of all church activities and updates and is designed to be fast and optimized despite the volume of information in it.

A majority of the site users required a more direct, easy-to-navigate UX, and the site is specifically designed to offer just this! Today, this is where the well-wishers of the church get all their information from, and boasts over thousands of site visits every month, without any paid ads.


  • Publish weekly sermons online.
  • At a glance information on top. (Worship date, time and location; phone, address, etc.)
  • Ability to view and download all the documentation about booking the church. (Wedding, concert, services bookings)
  • Highlight mission projects and how people can help.
  • Publish news and seasonal newsletters to download.

Accessible to everyone

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